Hit A Stop Sign?


So I was in a parking lot turning to go down another lane and I did it! First time EVER (I think).

I HIT a STOP SIGN! Yes, you heard me right. I HIT IT! THUMP! Hey, at least I didn’t hit a fire hydrant this time (I did that when I was in high school).

It definitely got my attention to stop! Needless to say, it gave me and some other people who I didn’t know (thank goodness) a good laugh.

Ok so here is my excuse…it’s my cars fault! 🙂 I love my car and am so super blessed to have it BUT I do have one complaint. There is an awful BLIND SPOT between the windshield and the door window.

The panel is HUGE so I have to look around it sometimes to make sure there isn’t something there.

So my lovely incident made me stop and think (get it…yea, I’m writing this late). Throughout my life I have encountered “blind spots”.

Unfortunately blind spots can lead to accidents.

I have great news! There is a solution to blind spots!

The verse that comes to mind is Psalm 119:105 – “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

I am thankful that God’s Word can help me in my walk with Him today (lamp to my feet – what is right before me) and tomorrow (light to my path – my future).

Thanks for reading! Have a JOY FILLED Christmas!



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