I had the opportunity to review Easy Off Oven Cleaner. I was given a free product coupon from Smiley360.  I used the Fume free version. The before picture shows my oven covered in “hot dog juice” (if that’s even a word). My husband decided to make hotdogs in the oven. 🙂 Thrilling! I don’t need to share the story…I’m pretty sure you SEE it. 🙂 Easy Off did a great clean up job. I sprayed it inside my oven (including racks), shut the door and left it for 2 hours. No need to use the self cleaning option on your oven. I didn’t really need to scrub, it came off pretty effortlessly. I do have a few very old spots in my oven that could use another dose of Easy Off. My only critique is that I had to continuously wipe down the inside of the oven to get the nasty junk out. I wish it would magically disappear. 🙂

Before                                                                                After



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