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Glued to Good


Have you ever eaten Elmer’s Glue, or better yet, one of those handy glue sticks? I can’t say I’ve ever eaten either one but I was definitely fascinated with glue when I was in kindergarten.

I’ve read Romans 12:9 umpteen times and it really jumped out at me. It says “…Cleave to that which is good.”

The actual meaning of cleave is “glue”.

If we’re glued to it, that means it goes with us wherever we go. We’re stuck with it and stuck to it.

The “good” in this verse means “good, useful, salutary, pleasant, agreeable, joyful, happy, excellent, distinguished,
upright, honorable”.

In other words, glue (yourself) to what is joyful, excellent, upright…

Breaking this verse down really puts things in perspective for me.

We should make a daily choice to “glue” ourselves to good.

Thank you for reading today! I hope you were encouraged and challenged to “glue” yourself to good!

Joyfully His!