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So my daughter has added a new word to her vocabulary. A very significant word I might add. The word is “DUH” as in “that’s obvious”! It’s amazing how kids can say a word in a timely way.

My daughter got her hand a little dirty so I asked “Would you like mommy to wipe your hand?” and she looked at me and said (with her sweet little voice) “DUH”.

I was thinking about how God  has proven Himself to be faithful over and over again yet we still question if He is going to come through. Ever been there?

The verse that comes to mind is “If we are faithless, He remains faithful; He cannot deny Himself.” II Timothy 2:13

I’m sure there have been countless times in my life when God has wanted to say DUH to me! I am so thankful that when I have been faithless He STILL remains faithful!

I hope you were encouraged!