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Need Money For Christmas?



7 Creative Ways To Earn Money For Christmas Gifts

62 days until Christmas! I can’t wait! I love Christmas for so many reasons. The scent of cinnamon, sugar cookies, and pine needles are only a small part. One of my most favorite things about Christmas is the celebration of Jesus’ birth…AND giving gifts to my family and friends!  Here are some tips of how to get gift cards or money for family and friends for Christmas.

Get Money For Things You’re Planning On Purchasing!

1. Ebates –  http://www.ebates.com/rf.do?referrerid=1gQrT1XuWx66uWa9Ak1VNg%3D%3D

You get cash back when you shop online at 1,600 stores by using Ebates.com. No points to redeem, no forms to mail in, and no fees. $10 gift card sign up bonus (after first purchase of $25).

2. Ibotta – http://ibotta.com/r/ocW8Cg. Just by using this link you can earn the $10 Share the Love Bonus.

Do Some Searching…

3. Swagbucks.com –  http://swagbucks.com/refer/Faith2. You can get points for doing searches, watching videos, etc. Turn your points into gift cards!

Using Diapers?  

Get points when you enter in codes from your diaper box and wipes. Turn your points in for toys, magazines, and sometimes gift cards!

4. Pampers (Gifts To Grow) – https://en.pampersrewards.pampers.com/index.html

5. Huggies – Huggies.com http://huggies.com

Opinionated? Perfect! Give Your Opinions For Moolah!

6. Surveyspot.com – Earn points for taking surveys. The points can be redeemed for gift cards for Amazon, Itunes, or Pay Pal Credits. http://www.surveyspot.com/general/refer-a-friend?Referer=L1EEYtRmJI578DgqRFZBv15yx7iuAehS

7. Surveysavvy.com – Earn cash (in the form of a check) for taking surveys. https://www.surveysavvy.com/?m=1181013