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Head on a platter?


Ever asked for a human head on a platter? Ew (sorry had to get that out)! I’ve heard of people eating fish heads and have watched people suck on the head of a crawfish…none of those compare to asking for a human head on a platter.

I have read Mark Chapter 6 countless times. The part of the chapter that stuck out to me this time was when Herodias wanted the head of John the Baptist on a platter.

The daughter of Herodias pleased the King so he told her she could have ANYTHING up to half of his kingdom. She chose to have the head of John the Baptist on a platter. Ok?

As you read the story (Mark 6:16-26) it is clear that Herodias has unforgiveness towards John The Baptist and that is why she told her daughter to ask for his head. Sounds pretty ridiculous (a head on a platter and unforgiveness)!

Many great opportunities are missed because unforgiveness is chosen rather than the kingdom. Ya know what I mean? Not to be gross but what would you do with a head on a platter? What does it accomplish?

Can you imagine owning half of a kingdom?

With unforgiveness comes a stinky head and with forgiveness comes endless possibilities! 🙂

True freedom is experienced when you’re walking in forgiveness!

I hope you were encouraged today!

Joyfully His!