So I DID IT! I went RECYCLE BIN DIVING! It’s a new EXTREME SPORT! Not really…

Ok so I went to one of the grocery stores in my area (about a year or so ago) on a Monday and I asked if they had any newspapers left from the day before. Ya know, the Sunday Newspaper is full of those lovely coupons. The cashier said the Sunday Newspapers were in the recycle bin out front and if I didn’t mind digging in it, I could have one for free. REALLY? 🙂

After that I just continued to purchase the newspaper (silly me) on Sunday at a gas station near me. I was reading on a blog that it was ok to go recycle bin diving for newspapers. It reminded me of my LOVELY experience, so I HAD to do it again!

I can save $104 a  year by getting the newspaper out of the recycle bin the next day. NICE!

I like to have integrity in things that I do. If you’re like me and you feel more comfortable about asking before you DIVE, go for it.

If Recycle Bin Diving is too extreme for you, it’s ok. There are other ways to get a free newspaper/coupons. A lot of times people leave their newspaper on a table at Starbucks or McDonalds because they’re just interested in reading it. Again, you could ask around to make sure it’s ok for you to snag it.

Please note: This “sport” has risks. The Sunday paper may end up getting sold out so you may risk the chance of not getting coupons for that week.


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